Wool Insulation products by Sheep Wool Insulation - Natural, Economical and Safe.
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Natural Insulation for your construction, superior thermal and acoustic performance.
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Comfort Insulation Rolls

1.0 Product Charateristics

1.1 Product Image: See picture.

1.2 Product Description: Sheep Wool Insulation Comfort is a dark-grey coloured wool based thermal / acoustic insulation product, suitable for use in a variety of construction situations and is available in a variety of dimensions.

1.3 Raw Materials: Pure New Sheep’s Wool, Thorlan IW insect protection.

1.3.1 Wool: Wool used in the creation of the product is pure new sheep’s wool. The wool is primarily fine black fleece wool, sourced from Ireland, the UK and continental Europe. Black wools maintain all the desirable characteristics of white wools, but are less expensive due to limitations of the colour in the dying process. The final colour of the product is dependent on the blend used during production and is likely to vary. Wool fibres have many overlapping scales which make them very flexible and create a memory-effect, where after significant compression, wool will return to its original shape. Wool fibres are hygroscopic by nature and will have a moisture weight content of up to 35%, dependent on the relative humidity of the surroundings. While absorbing this moisture, wool releases energy in the form of heat, thus raising the temperature of its surrounding areas. Naturally releasing this moisture in the warmer seasons, wool creates a cooling effect on the same surroundings.

1.3.2 Wool Protection: IONIC PROTECT the new biocide free wool protection system. Ecological, sustainable and durability proven. The procedure treats the wool fibre in a plasma- ionic way aiming to protect it against all the negative influences of the building environment. IONIC PROTECT by ISOLENA protects and sustains sheepwool insulation, acting as a natural moth repellent, it prevents the fibre from being eaten. The performance of IONIC PROTECT has been checked and confirmed by an independent laboratory (CUAP test). A new milestone permanently improving the quality of our 100% Pure SheepWool Insulation product.

1.4 Product Dimensions: The following product dimensions are standard production sizes. Custom lengths, widths and thickness are produced on request.

Product Code

Thickness–T (mm)

Width-W (mm)

Length-L (mm)

Area (m2)



380 (x3 rolls)





380 (x3 rolls)





570 (x2 rolls)





570 (x2 rolls)



1.5 Product Density: Nominal density of ~15 kilograms per cubic metre (~15kgm-3)


2.0 Tests and Investigations

2.1 Thermal Conductivity:  Thermal conductivity values of Sheep Wool Insulation Comfort has been measured as follows:

Measured Thermal Conductivity (λ): 0.042 W/mK
Thermal Conductivity – Estimated CE Certification Standard (λ): 0.0420 W/mK (Climatic Chamber Test In Process)

2.2 Flame Retardancy:  Sheep Wool Insulation Comfort has achieved a B2 fire protection classification in accordance with DIN 4102.  CBE Test equivalent: E

2.3 Product Certification: Sheep Wool Insulation Comfort is suitable for use in attic (loft) floors, flat roofs and ceilings. A sample label is shown.

2.4 Technical Data Table:

Thermal Conductivity

0.042 W/mK  (Est. 0.042 W/mK CE Mark)

Water Absorption @ 100% RH

~ 35%

Ignition Point

560 °C

Fire Resistance Classification (DIN 4102)



~ 14kg/m3

Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance

m = 1

Sound Absorption (DIN 52212: s=120mm)

0.95 @ 500Hz

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